Eco Friendly & Recycled

Namaste supports ethically made Fair Trade products, created with the least possible environmental impact. All goods are carefully sourced from eco-friendly, naturally sustainable and recycled materials wherever possible.

It doesn’t stop there! Through close working relationships with our selected suppliers, we identify required improvements and work together to make them happen.

We scrutinise our own activities too, with the aim of minimising our use of resources, identifying and implementing ways of reducing consumption and re-using everything we can.
Even some of our "new” collections are old! Popular recycled ranges include those made from cotton, aluminium, glass and PET yarn from recycled plastic bottles. A fresh approach this year has seen the introduction of the Vintage Collection; comprising an eclectic mix of antique, reclaimed and salvaged pieces.

Recycled rPET Yarn

Made from 100% Recycled Plastic Bottles.
The production of this yarn is an extraordinary evolution in recycling. Plastic bottles are broken down into a fine fibre suitable for producing a strong yarn, known as PET Yarn. From this, a textile is produced which is highly versatile and suitable for making into a variety of useful new products.

Our Views on Recycled Polyester (rPET) & Products made from Discarded Plastic Bottles 

The production of yarn from discarded plastic bottles and its use in making soft furnishings has gained popularity in recent years due to the potential environmental benefits. However, legitimate controversies and concerns are associated with this practice, particularly shedding harmful particles when such an item requires washing. To provide a comprehensive overview, let’s look at the key points:


Shedding Harmful Particles
Studies show that washing soft furnishings such as rugs and throws made from rPET may lead to the shedding of microplastics. As the name suggests, these tiny plastic particles, often invisible to the naked eye, can enter the environment through water courses, harming ecosystems, wildlife and marine life.


Positive Qualities of rPET
  • Stain resistance
  • UV resistance
  • Dust mite resistance
  • Durability
  • Rug quality indistinguishable from a wool kilim
  • Quick drying
Material made from recycled plastic bottles is stain resistant, and this crucial characteristic reduces the need for frequent washing, thus minimising the hazard of shedding.


Environmental Benefits
Plastic pollution is a huge environmental issue. Recycling waste into purposeful new products can contribute positively to reducing the problem.
Global Plastic Watch https://globalplasticwatch.org/ estimates that approximately 8-10 million metric tonnes of plastic waste enter the oceans annually. This figure includes various types of plastic, including bottles.
The number of bottles required to make a standard size throw can vary depending on the size of bottles used, the thickness of the yarn and the production method. However, as a rough comparative estimate, it takes around 20 to 30 plastic bottles (500ml) to make a throw. Given the scale of pollution, never has a drop in the ocean seemed so appealing.

Preventative Measures
Efforts are ongoing to improve the prevention of microplastics entering the water system during washing. Specialised equipment such as washing machine filters and fine mesh bags can trap contamination and minimise the possibility of release. With the increasing awareness surrounding this issue, such tools will likely become more widely available and normalised. We advocate methods of reducing possible environmental damage by using our rPET products.


In summary, using rPET is not a perfect solution. However, diverting plastic bottle waste from landfills and oceans does have significant environmental benefits. Plus, improvements in minimising the escape of microplastics are continuing and becoming more widely known.
We hope this clarifies our position. We acknowledge rPET is far from ideal. However we try to make informed, considered choices and believe it is up to all of us as individuals to prioritise our contributory roles to this global problem and the solution the best we can.

Recycled Iron

Scrap used iron is kept out of landfill by being recycled into new products. It also reduces the need to mine for more materials.

Recycled Aluminium

All our aluminium is hand-cast using traditional methods. Re-use reduces landfill and prevents carbon emissions from new aluminium processing by up to 90%.

Recycled Fabric

Many of our products incorporate waste fabrics from the textile industry. Beautiful sari material, hard wearing denim and cotton are prevented from going to landfill and made into attractive, useful new goods like stationery, biodegradable gift wrap and furnishings.

Very Vintage

New and exclusive to Namaste, don’t miss vintage style furniture and accessories. Many are one-off pieces or have limited availability. Sideboards and cabinets, storage trunks and chests, bookshelves and tables, all items of distinction, intended to be loved.


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Fair Trade

Fair Trade

Eco Friendly & Recycled

Eco Friendly & Recycled



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