Kangtega Hand Knitted Fair Isle Mittens

Kangtega Hand Knitted Fair Isle Mittens

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Hand knitted fine wool Fair Isle mittens, embracing traditional artisan skill. The fine wool yarn used to make these mittens allows for a more complex pattern, as well as allowing for richer and deeper colours. Great for keeping your hand warm in the cold winter months. We contribute a percentage of all purchases made from Nepal to Child Rescue Nepal.

100% Wool

Handmade In Nepal

Care Instructions: Hand wash or dry clean only.

Supplier Information:

Our knitwear is produced in Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal which is in the Kathmandu Valley in the Himalayas. All the garments are hand knitted from 100% wool which is imported from New Zealand. Wool is a fantastic eco-friendly by-product from sheep, a natural, sustainable and renewabe textile. Many of the artisan knitters are home-workers, producing our garments while running their homes and lookng after their families.