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PET Yarn Diamond weave throw, recycled 125 x 150cm

PET Yarn Diamond weave throw, recycled 125 x 150cm

Product Code: TH141

Our Price: £24.95

PET Yarn Diamond weave throw, recycled, 125 x 150cm

100% PET yarn from recycled plastic bottles
When the first samples arrived of these soft and beautiful throws, we simply could not believe that they were made from 100% recycled plastic bottles. They are made by a clever process that breaks the bottles down into super fine fibres that can then be spun into thread and yarn. Super versatile, these throws can be used indoors or outdoors, great for outdoor furniture or picnics.
They are resistant to sunlight fading and can be easily machne wshed. By helping to create a market for the recycling of plastic bottles and avoid them going into landfill or becoming litter this is a good thing for the environment. Recycling takes energy too but studies have shown that the overall environmental effect is very positive. If collecting the bottles provides some form of employment for street kids in India then that is also a positive outcome.