Clothing Size Guide

Womens Clothing Size Guide

Namaste Size UK equivalent
Small (S) 8 - 10
Medium (M) 10 - 12
Large (L) 12 - 14
Small/Medium (S/M) 8 - 10
Medium/Large (M/L) 12 - 14
Large/Extra Large (L/XL) 14 - 16

Mens Clothing Size Guide

Namaste Size Chest
Medium (M) 39-41cm
Large (L) 42-44cm
Extra Large (XL) 45-47cm
Small/Medium (S/M) 37-41cm
Medium/Large (M/L) 41-44cm
Large/Extra Large (L/XL) 44-47cm

Please note that these sizing charts are approximate, due to the handmade nature of our clothing sizes can vary slightly depending on the style of the garment.