Namaste - supporting Child Rescue Nepal for almost 20 years.

About Child Rescue Nepal

Child Rescue Nepal frees children from slavery. In Nepal it is estimated that there are almost 100,000 children working in hazardous situations. These children are extremely vulnerable and suffer frequent physical, emotional and often sexual abuse.

In order to combat this, Child Rescue Nepal focuses on rescuing children from slavery as well as working hard to prevent the children of Nepal entering into slavery in the first place. The charity works with local police to raid factories, restaurants and hotels where children are being held captive. They take children to their safe house where they receive medical attention and counselling. Child Rescue Nepal provides food, clothing, education and a safe home until the children can be safely reunited with their families.

The charity believes that investing in ways to keep children in education is a crucial way of preventing children entering the slave trade. By providing bursaries, midday meals, taps and classrooms they ensure that schools are safe spaces where children want to be. In total, the charity have rescued 700 children and ensured that thousands more children have been kept in education. However their work is far from over. Their aim is to end child slavery in Nepal and they won’t stop until every child is free.

Our Work

Namaste has been supporting and working closely with Child Rescue Nepal for more than 10 years. We regularly donate and raise money for the charity and in addition each time we pay our suppliers in Nepal, we donate 2% of the invoice total to Child Rescue Nepal.

We are currently sponsoring two children who were rescued by Child Rescue Nepal and are being looked after in a care home in Nepal that is run by the charity.

This year we are helping to support Rotary Srijan Primary School by raising money to provide midday meals where attendance in the afternoons is low, to encourage children to stay on for the afternoon sessions. As well as providing midday meals, Child Rescue Nepal will work with parents to encourage them to see the importance of a midday meal to their children’s health and learning. It is a little known fact but children who are attending school are much less likely to be trafficked and end up in slavery. Providing midday school meals not only helps better children educationally, it keeps them safe from the tricks and tactics of traffickers.

If you would like to make a donation please visit our justgiving page: or to find out more about the charity visit their website:

We are so grateful for your continued support that enables us to help keep children safe in Nepal.

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