Indian Furniture

Indian Furniture

Our supplier based in Jodhpur, Rajasthan, has grown from small, humble beginnings to a much-valued employer for many local Artisans.

Highly skilled workers typically hand craft small items of furniture like cabinets and stools and decorate in colourful cultural themes.

Subjects are heavily influenced by art, literature and early visitors to South Asia.

With exceptional hardwood qualities of resilience to elements and parasites, sustainable mango wood is the ideal canvas for beautiful hand painted furniture designs.

Beautifully crafted by creative, talented men and women, each piece is viewed as a bespoke project.

No two can be the same.

Sometimes, the artisans make only slight changes in colour scheme or pattern. Subtle, but enough to make each one distinguishable.

A fast-growing plant, native to India, mango wood is the by-product of fruit farming.

Wood is either harvested from trees at the end of their fruit producing lifespan, coppiced from overgrown branches, or taken from managed plantations. The population is carefully maintained by new planting programs.

Eco Qualities

  • Sustainable
  • Reduces natural resource waste
  • Relieves pressure on endangered wood sources
  • Reduces carbon emissions from discarded matter
  • Natural hardwood

Sustainable Materials like Mango Wood

  • require few natural resources for growth
  • have carefully managed populations
  • are resource-efficient

Did You Know?

A mango tree can grow to a mature height of around 90 feet in as little as 15 years!

Mango wood has exceptional qualities of hardwood strength for substantial weight-bearing furniture.

This is combined with just the right amount of pliability to craft from effectively. It is receptive to being ornamentally carved, painted and jewelled.

By selecting a colour or two from the painted artwork and choosing soft furnishings to compliment, a whole collaborative room scheme is born.

Unique and intended to be treasured, the furniture is finished off with a seal of wax or light varnish, to help enhance and maintain its beauty.

The finish can be made to resemble other hardwoods like oak or teak.


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