Indian Lanterns

Indian Lanterns

A Cycle of Change

India and its relationship with iron go back many centuries when it was instrumental in the development of modern civilizations.

Today, scrap iron is a valuable commodity for a host of reasons, making it one of the most recycled materials on earth. Although iron does break down over time, it will not biodegrade and offers no eco benefit when simply dumped.

Recycling seems an obvious process to undertake given the metal can be repeatedly recycled in this way without changing its properties.

A cycle of resource efficiency like this could see an iron lantern in one lifetime become a wind chime in another! Harvested from old vehicle parts, discarded machinery and structures, the scrap is fed into shredders to be broken up into smaller pieces.

Iron Craft

It is then ready to be melted down for the production of new iron and steel; steel being an alloy of iron and also a much-needed material.

The recycled iron used in our lanterns is just one imaginative re-use.

Namaste showcases a range of recycled iron crafts, all wonderfully decorative and very appealing for the eco-conscious.

Elaborately hand painted bells and fun animal themed wind chimes amongst recyclable ranges not to be missed.

Reasons to Recycle Iron

  • Preserves natural resources of raw material.
  • Reduces energy consumption in production.
  • Produces less harmful gases than new processing.
  • Creates jobs through recycling process and re-production.
  • Environmental and monetary incentives to recycle.

Building Friendships

We enjoy a long-established working relationship with our lanterns supplier.

In fact, great friendships have been formed over time and extra assistance is always forthcoming when needed, from both parties.

The factory provides reliable work for many in the local area and in doing so, encourages skills to be taught to new generations of artisans.

Enjoy these beautifully hand crafted lanterns in the knowledge they are sensitively sourced and bring benefits to people and planet.


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Fair Trade

Eco Friendly & Recycled

Eco Friendly & Recycled



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