Indian Recycled Aluminium

Indian Recycled Aluminium

Established 1992

Our supplier is run by two enterprising brothers. They have succeeded in growing a family business employing in excess of 100 permanent workers, many of whom are skilled Artisans from the local community.

Being a relatively large-scale producer, workers benefit from a more organised, structured work environment and better facilities.

Men and women are paid equally and wages are above the minimum state recommended rate, permitting above average living standards.

No-one under the age of 18 is employed.

Other benefits include sick pay, paid breaks and health and safety regulation standards that would be taken for granted in a western establishment.

A Northern India Community

The business is committed to improving the quality of life for the whole community through employment and supporting communal projects. Opportunities for education are limited so they make regular contributions to schools for the education of underprivileged children.

Such an endeavour has far-reaching effects; positively influencing life chances for individuals, their families and bringing advantages to regional infrastructure.

This is the kind of ambitious enterprise we’re glad to support by developing a good working relationship and supplying regular orders on a Fair Trade basis.

The entire process takes place under one roof. Namaste has inspected the workshops and is pleased to report work areas are clean, well ventilated and equipped first aid stations are in place.

The Artisan Process

The eco-friendly practice of re-using waste materials which would have gone to landfill is about being efficient with resources already in circulation.

Creating new aluminium goods by hand casting and hand painting is a highly skilled process involving several stages:

A ring of metal is placed around it to contain the sand.

Fine sand is loaded and firmly patted down.

A flat metal lid is placed on top.

The operator gently flips the lid and the metal ring is split in two; one convex and one concave impression.

Chalk dust is sprinkled to stop the sand sticking.

The recycled aluminium blocks are melted down to a liquid.

Resource Efficient

The halves of the sand mould are put back together and the molten aluminium is poured in.

The mould is split to reveal the new re-formed cast which is then polished to a smooth finish.

Colour is applied and allowed to dry.

Clear enamel is applied.

The food safe lacquer is given a final polish to a glossy finish.

Supporting Families

Living close to the factory in Moradabad, Northern India makes it an easy commute for Naseem, who has been recycling aluminium there for 12 years.

Being the eldest of 7 children and unmarried, he supports the rest of his family. He tells us he’s pleased to do this.

His brothers are students and Naseem would like to help them finish their education for the benefit of the whole family.


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Fair Trade

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